3 Stylish Ideas For Organizing Clothes

Does your closet look like a department store or a pig sty?

Does your closet affect your mood?

You know how it is in the morning when it is time to get ready for the day. You look aimlessly into the closet abyss and wonder what to wear. Perhaps you already know what to wear because of the activities planned for the day, but you end up searching and looking for the specific items you want to dress in.

This rummaging and wondering can be stressful, especially if you are running late. The desire to look good can also cause some anxiety. If the morning starts out like this, hopefully the rest of the day goes better.

But, just imagine having a better morning and starting your day out on a high note. Think about how you would feel if you looked in your closet and saw everything neatly stacked, hung-up and put away. You were able to see what you needed to be able to get dressed.

Organizing clothes can do that for you. Having a clean and precise space will allow you more time and less stress in the mornings. Instead of spending time searching for items, you will either see them out right, or know exactly where they are. Your clothes may even be free of wrinkles because they were put away or hung up properly. A clean and organized space allows for creativity. You may even think of all the new ways you can wear and repurpose your outfits almost doubling your wardrobe without taking up space.

Call me crazy, but I love organizing clothes. I usually do this a couple times of year when the season’s change. It brings a sense of control, order, and freshness to the space. Using organizing tools help to contain items and make more available space.

3 Stylish Ideas For Organizing Clothes

  1. Go Monochromatic. Choose one color of hangers, bins, and baskets. Coordinating the organizing tools will give the closet a clean and sleek look. It is an upgrade that will make it easier to see your garments more than the tools.
  2. Hide Away. Choose bins and baskets that are solid in color, not clear. Clear totes make it seem easier to see what is in them, but it actually will make your closet look more chaotic. You can label solid color bins so you’ll know what is in them
  3. Categories. Hang tanks, t-shirts, and long sleeves shirts in their own category like you would see in a store. This will make it easier to coordinate outfits. Once they are in a category, you can then organize by color.