5 Life-saving Tips About How To Organize A Closet

Is it possible to organize a closet and keep it that way?

The word organize has two meanings. One definition is according to an event or activity that you would make arrangements and preparations for. The other defines a structured whole composed of categories and systems.

In an effort to clean and maintain order for your clothes, the second definition is the one you should embrace. It’s not about one event that magically makes your space neat and efficient.

This realization may make you less excited about the venture of tackling the mountain of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Let’s face, there are more important things going on in your day than spending time in your closet.

But, the good thing about structuring your clothes in a way that works for you, will take less time getting ready in the morning and will be easier to maintain. Sure it is hard work at the first, but the results in the end will save you time and a headache.

You might even find lost treasures. It will be like Christmas morning!

Call me crazy, but I love to organize closets. In fact, I get excited when the seasons change because it is time for me to rearrange the clothes and store away those items that were used last season.

There is something about purging that lifts your spirits and helps you feel less burden down by things and a mess. A bonus is that I feel great giving the items to charity or a friend.

5 Life-saving Tips About How To Organize A Closet

  1. Purge Like There’s a Fire. What would be the most important items you would take if you could during a fire? Be brutal and get rid of things you don’t wear, don’t fit, don’t like anymore. It really does feel good to cleanse your wardrobe. I like to think that I am making room for something new.
  2. Hanger Mojo. Get your hanger mojo on and try out different kinds. Slim hangers save space. Products or hangers that hang vertically save space as well
  3. Hook it up. Those sticky back hooks are the best! You can almost stick them anywhere! I use them on the wall to hang up my handbags.
  4. Baskets with a name. Use any kind of basket for accessories or smaller items. Be sure to label it so you don’t forget what it is used for.
  5. Store away for another day. Store out of season clothing to keep your closet organized and easy to choose outfits for the day