Read These 5 Tips About Organize Hangers To Double Your Closet Space

Can a small closet grow in size and make more space for you with organize hangers?

One of the biggest wish list items for people buying houses is closet space. Isn’t funny how we are all amazed when we do see a super large closet?

A large closet doesn’t necessarily mean it will be clean and neat. It may mean it has room to hold more stuff. Perhaps stuff you don’t need.

But, still we all wish we could have a little bit bigger closet and least one that is organized and arranged neatly. It can be so frustrating getting ready for the day when you can’t find a certain top, or the one you were hoping to wear is wrinkled on the floor. Using precious time to look through everything can cause anxiety if you’re running late.

Just think how smooth your mornings can be if all of your clothes are orderly in your sight and at your fingertips. It would look like your favorite clothing store and give you the same feeling.

Products like organize hangers are easy to use and arrange your clothes on. There are many different types for all clothing and accessories. The hardest part is choosing what ones you would like to use.

As my skirt collection kept getting bigger, one hanger per skirt wasn’t working for me. I bought a hanger that has 6 vertical clips. I can hang 6 hangers on it and it takes up less space. It is easy to see each skirt and choose the one I want to wear.

5 Tips About Organize Hangers To Double Your Closet Space

  1. Slim down. There are many slender hangers available that are also covered in velvet to prevent slippage. Bulky hangers take up more space and are difficult to pull out and put back in.
  2. Go Vertical. Organize hangers that are vertical are useful for skirts, pants, and trousers. Some come with clips and others have a swing bar to fold the clothes over.
  3. Hanger Accessories. Since using vertical space is most practical, use hanger accessories to hang downward. Some can hang up to 5 hangers vertically. Small hanger cascading hooks make it possible for another hanger to hang vertically.
  4. Mens department. Belt and tie hangers keep them both displayed and organized.
  5. Ladies department. Specific for scarves, these type are very useful and even fun.