A Simple Plan For Investigating Pets

How to Turn Down Your Kid’s Request for A Pet

Children will after some time ask to keep a pet. If you are ready, then accept to get one. If your circumstances don’t, it calls for wisdom in addressing the matter. The way you handle your response will determine their reaction while allowing you to be better prepared in future.

Turning them down has to be logical
A simple response of no to their query will be met with protests, making all of you frustrated as they shall keep pestering you. A good reason should quell the situation. Reminding them of prior family plans like a getaway or trip should help them accepting putting off the matter. Even after presenting your reasons, they may try harder to make you see their point. They may also have researched on how to get you to say ‘yes’. You better be ready.

Present in great detail, the activities one undertakes in pet care.
Some kids bear the misconception that there is no difference in the care given to a pet and a stuffed doll. When they are shown the kind of work they will have to do and the stress that goes with it, they are likely to tell you to put off the purchase. Write down all the activities involved in taking care of one, have them go through it and confirm whether they can perform all the activities, such as collecting pet poop or treating them for fleas, which is normally an unpleasant experience. The the idea of a pet will most likely be shelved.

Older kids need to be told the simple truth
Older kids can delay their gratification better than young ones. If it is an issue of finances, they are more likely to understand better than if they were younger; similarly they could be about to join a school far from home and thus cannot care for a pet

Propose a different project
Fill up the spare time the pet was to take with another interesting activity. To help them become better pet owners as time goes, suggest activities like taking care of the neighbors’ pets, or taking shifts volunteering at the animal shelter or working at a pet shop. They could make some money by walking the dogs of busy people in your neighborhood. They could start saving up for their pets while they are gaining the necessary experience in taking care of a pet.

Before deciding, find out what it will mean to own a pet, both for your kids and for you as parents, especially what the experience will teach the kids, then give them your answer to their request. Getting a pet may end up being a great thing for your family. However you decide you need to be prepared before discussing with your children.

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