Preparing For An Emergency Where Evacuation Is Necessary

Many people prepare for unforeseen events. Should an emergency occur where there is a need to vacate a home, having the correct gear will make it easier to navigate and live in an outdoor setting. Here are some survival prep steps necessary if living outdoors becomes a reality.

Get A Sturdy Bag To Hold Belongings

It is important to have a “bug-out” bag prepared in advance of an emergency so it can be grabbed quickly should evacuation become necessary. The bag should be insulated in case cold food or water will be stored inside so it will be well-protected for a few days. A waterproof bag is also necessary so the contents kept inside of the enclosure will remain dry in a variety of situations.

Obtain The Right Clothing For Outdoor Use

When someone needs to stay outdoors for a long time, clothing choices will make a big difference in their comfort level. A pair of hiking boots will help in walking through any type of terrain. If the weather is below freezing, it will be necessary to have thermal clothing to layer underneath a traditional outfit.

Gloves or mittens, a hat or earmuffs, and warm socks will also help to keep the person’s skin protected. If the weather is warmer, mesh clothing can be worn to help keep insects away while keeping the body cool.

Keep Safety In Mind

Standard medical items should be placed in a tactical bag to keep on hand in case an injury occurs. Bandages, gauze, antiseptic ointment, ice packs, and tweezers will all be useful tools should someone become hurt while out in the wilderness. It is also a good idea to keep a light source on hand in case there is a need to navigate in the dark.

Flares can also be included to alert others of the person’s whereabouts if they are in need of medical help. A knife and lighter will also be handy to help with cutting back branches when navigating and creating fire to help with warmth and heating of food. Snacks, a thermos of water, and a water filtration straw should also be placed in the bag for easy access.